The Most Holy Trinity - 26th May 2024  

In this Sunday’s Gospel we read about the Trinity, a concept that is one that is so familiar to us – right from our childhood when we were taught the Sign of the Cross: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Later, perhaps, as we got older we started to question what it all means and how there could be 3 persons in one God. It is understandable why Jesus said we must become like little children because as a child I was not bothered or concerned about understanding the Trinity or the mystery of the Trinity. The Trinity was the Trinity and that’s all there was to it! 
Our concept of faith is to believe that which can’t really be explained. For me the Trinity is a model of relationship – how the Father relates to the Son and the Spirit, how the Son relates to the Father and the Spirit and how the Spirit relates to the Father and the Son. They form the perfect community and their love for each other is the model for each one of us in our own lives, the model that we have to be for others. 
Jesus had learned everything from His Father and in this Gospel we have Jesus using the term we are so familiar with … ‘baptise them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.’ The disciples are to do what He commanded, not just in His name but in the name of the Trinity. 
With Pentecost last week and the Trinity this week, the Holy Spirit comes to the fore. It is only through the Holy Spirit, through the gifts of the Spirit that we can begin in some way to understand Jesus, the Father and their relationship. The Spirit is the ‘enabler’ – the one who helps, the advocate, the one on our side, the one who brings it all together – the giver of wisdom and understanding and all the other gifts. 
Sometimes we find that even though we’ve known someone for a long time, we can still discover something new about them – it’s perhaps a bit like that with God, too! We like to hear stories/ facts/ accounts of what people are like but we find it better if/ when we meet them ourselves or get to know them better. People have said that although they read about the late Queen and had seen her on television how pleased they were to see her in person and how she appeared smaller, more pleasant or more interested than they had imagined. 
We can HEAR about God, READ about GOD but in the end what really counts is our relationship with GOD and His with each one of us. When we love someone we try our very best – even if it takes years – to get to understand them – so we can love them more. That is how we need to reflect on the Trinity. The more we build up our relationship with God, the more we will love Him and come to understand Him. Maybe in that love, just as in human love, when we are loved, we will come to love and understand ourselves a bit more as well. 
Quite often the Holy Spirit is the forgotten member of the Trinity, the silent partner, as it were, and yet the presence of the Holy Spirit is essential. Together the Father, Son and Holy Spirit model for us how we should love others. 
And, just as a reminder, it’s all for a purpose – so that we can go and make disciples in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. What a privilege! 
Sr. Margaret Mattison 
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