All parishes in Romania take the feast day of the patron of their parish very seriously and as our parish is dedicated to Sfantul Iacob (Saint James), it was our turn to celebrate on Saturday, 25th July. The recent restrictions caused by Covid – 19 and the unusually very wet weather did nothing to dampen our excitement as we prepared for the event. 
Our liturgy had to be celebrated in the open air as our church is very small and we would not be able to keep the social distance presently required. We were very concerned as from early morning up to 2 o’clock we had very heavy rain and again at about 4 o’clock for a short time. From about 5 o’clock we were able to put the final touches to the preparations, mass started at 6 o’clock and thank God it stayed dry for the duration of the celebrations. Our Archbishop, Perca Aurel, who was consecrated Archbishop of Bucharest Diocese on 11th January 2020, was chief concelebrant. At the altar he was accompanied by Archbishop Robu Ioan, (retired Archbishop of Bucharest who has a great respect for our Congregation and deeply appreciates all that has been and is still being done by the sisters for the people of Romania) Bishop Paulet Iosif of Iasi (our parish priest’s brother) and 20 priests. 
Bishop Iosif preached the homily and his encouraging and informative words were appreciated by all attending, masked and seated two meters apart!! Having visited the cathedral of St. James in Santiago de Compostela twice, his enthusiasm has encouraged us to think about the Camino and maybe in the future be among the 200,000 pilgrims who travel to the Spanish city each year from points all over Europe. The choir, as usual in full voice, added a prayerful dimension to the celebration and were not put off by the flock of crows that chose that time to circle the area and perch in the trees or by music from the local restaurant!! 
At the end of the mass the “Pilgrims’ Rest” was blessed and officially opened. This is the parish building where our Infant school started in 1994, known as Casa Genoveva, is now a pilgrims’ rest as the ancient route to Compostela passes through Campulung 
and a group of pilgrims, who travelled from Bucharest are trying to revive the tradition. 
A wreathe brought by the pilgrims 
Genoveva’s House 
Pilgrims’ accommodation 
Parish of St. James 
Campulung Muscel 
(In recognition of the mission of the Congregation in Campulung, Fr. Petru did not change the name). 
At the end of the celebration, Fr. Petru thanked all the visitors for their presence and the parishioners for their help in making sure all was ready. We were asked to prepare the stage and altar. The metal scaffolding sent by Sister Jean to Campulung many years ago, formed the base for the temporary stage. We are very proud of our parish and delighted to share the experience and celebration with many from the neighbouring parishes. Afterwards we enjoyed the food prepared by the “Impreuana Restaurant” (Caritas) 
While showing two past pupils, now living in Bucharest (a doctor and a teacher of English) round Casa Genoveva, who got very excited when they saw the classroom where they started their education, I met a couple from the capital singing the praises of Sisters Cyril and Margaret Murray who taught their child in Sf. Elena. 
This is the first time all the Campulung community were present for the parish celebration. As we enjoyed the festivities, we are counting it as one of the advantages of the travel restrictions and the “holiday at home” recommendation. 
Archbishop Robu and Bishop Paulet send their blessings, prayers and good wishes to the Sisters in Selly Park and all the Sisters in the Congregation. 
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