Tomesti  Tomesti 

Tomesti is situated in N-E of Romania, 12 km from the city of Iasi and 60 km to the east is the Republic of Moldova. Tomesti is a large village with 11051 people with individual houses and 42 blocks of flats. The Gradinita is situated in the middle of the blocks of flats. 
In 2002 the Sisters of St. Paul were invited to maintain and run a Gradinita in Tomesti. They accepted the invitation and two Sisters arrived in Tomesti in 2003 and opened the Gradinita in October 2003. 
The Chatolic population is small in a predominantly Orthodox area. Gradinita Fericitul Ieremia is a Catholic Gradinita for 83 children of different denominations. Our work is ecumenical. 
As well as running the Gradinita, the Sisters are involved in Parish work, working with disabled young adults, homeless people and supporting the activities of the Association Saint Vincent de Paul in the Parish. 
We try to encourage and support children and young people to live their faith and to be good Christians. We desire to promote friendship and solidarity within the Parish through our way of community living, and our presence in the parish is very much appreciated. 
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