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Genevieve Dupuis
Foundress Genevieve Dupuis 
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Sr. Kathleen Neenan Congregational Leader 
Thank you for visiting the website of the Sisters of Charity of St. Paul, the Apostle, sometimes called the "Selly Park Sisters" because that is where our Motherhouse is situated or simply "Sisters of St. Paul".  
To those visitors who already know us, welcome back! Perhaps you will even find a picture of yourself or a friend at some event. 
Welcome to our first time visitors and may you soon be old friends! 
Our aim is to connect with you wherever you are and share a little insight into our lives as Sisters where we are - in England, Scotland, Ireland, Romania and South Africa. You will read about the Congregation, our Mission and Ministries and our extended ministries through the associates of the Sisters of St. Paul. From the personal stories of individual Sisters, you will realise that each one is different but we all strive to remain faithful to the inspiration of our Foundress, Genevieve Dupuis and our Patron, St. Paul and in that way make "a difference" by our very presence.  
Through our "Thought for the Day" and reflection on the Sunday Gospel, we invite you to set aside a little quiet time each day to think, reflect and pray and know that you are united with a Sister of Charity of St. Paul who will be doing likewise.  
We are delighted that you have taken time to visit us and from now on will be remembered in the prayers of the community. 

Our Mission Statement  

Rooted in Christ, we Sisters of St. Paul 
inspired by Genevieve Dupuis, 
seek to live the Gospel, 
in friendship and solidarity with others, 
using our resources to promote 
justice and wholeness.