Becoming a Sister 


Stage 1 - Enquiry/Initial Contact 

During this time the enquirer will: 
Maintain contact with the Vocation director to reflect and discern her call and response to Religious Life 
Be invited to ‘Come and See’ days and weekends arranged by the Vocation Director 
Read/ study material related to the Congregation as appropriate 

Stage 2 - Becoming a Postulant 

Included in this stage are opportunities to: 
Experience life in a variety of local communities 
Meet regularly with an appointed mentor 
Experience community life and prayer 
Engage in a programme which will reflect the needs and experiences of the postulant 
Becoming a novice

Stage 3 - Becoming a novice 

During this stage you will: 
Live in community with the Sisters and engage in all aspects of community life 
Explore the meaning of the religious vows of poverty, chastity and obedience 
Have time to deepen your relationship with God 
Have time for personal growth and integration 
Temporary profession

Stage 4- Temporary Profession 

On completion of the Novitiate you become a member of the community by making your first profession of the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. 
This period of temporary profession lasts a minimum of six years. 
Final profession

Stage 5 - Final Profession 

At this stage you will make final vows. 
Ongoing formation

Stage 6 - Ongoing Formation 

The development of each Sister is an on-going process and is primarily her responsibility. In continuing response to her special call, the sister, at various stages of her life, avails herself of opportunities to meet her spiritual, emotional, intellectual, professional and physical needs. The Congregation supports each Sister’s development and encourages participation in programmes that foster growth in these areas. 
If you are considering Religious Life please contact our Vocation Director Sr Margaret Mattison on 
07811753163 or