Romania  Câmpulung Onesţi Tomesţi  

Our Sisters work in the Bucharest Diocese (Câmpulung) and in the Diocese of Iaşi (Onesţi and Tomesţi). Our mission in Romania began in the 90's when two retired Sisters helped in a voluntary capacity during the summer months. Initially they began working in a hospital in Bucharest, caring for babies who had been infected with HIV and AIDS. They became involved in a Summer School in Câmpulung where English was taught to Romanian teenagers. While in Câmpulung they were invited by the Bishop of Bucharest to become involved in preschool education and parish work. 
In May 1994 the first candidates from Romania joined the Congregation. These young Sisters of St Paul ensure that the mission is in good hands. 
Today, in 2017, the schools in all three locations are flourishing. As well as educators the Sisters are active members of the local parish, working with youth, Catechetics, members of St. Vincent de Paul Conferences, visiting the elderly in their homes, supporting the poor and the marginalized. One Sister in Tomesţi works in a state-run centre for young people with disabilities. 
Learning to become self-sufficient is at the heart of our mission in Romania. Every effort is being made to encourage this. In collaboration with other agencies many projects have been initiated, for example, a sewing project giving employment to a number of people, including orphaned teenagers. A small farm has encouraged the growing of vegetables as well as the making of butter and cheese. The people are proud of their successes. 
The Sisters of Charity of St. Paul the Apostle recently celebrated 25 years of their mission in Romania. Click here to read more.. 


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