Who We Are and What We Do 

We are Catholic women who endeavour to live the Gospel way of life in community. As Sisters of Charity of St. Paul, we consecrate ourselves freely through the vows of poverty, celibacy and obedience to a life-long service of God and neighbour, respecting the dignity of each person and the sacredness of all creation. 
St. Paul’s mission was to make himself all things to all people. Following his example and inspired by the life of our foundress, Geneviève Dupuis, we commit our lives and our resources to spreading the Gospel and responding to the needs of the poor, especially those who are denied dignity, voice, vision, respect, and the sense of themselves as being loved by God. 
The Charism (characteristic spirit) of the Congregation is charity expressed in a deep personal love of Christ and in a life dedicated to the service of others. 
We are aware that in our ever-changing world there are many questions to which we have no answer but we seek to rely on faith and trust in the providence of God. This frees us to live a life of charity, joy, simplicity, hospitality and friendship. 
Today we live and minister in England, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa and Romania. Our central house is at Selly Park, Birmingham, England. 
Srs celebrating
Chapter celebration

What We Do 

Mission is at the heart of who we are. As Sisters of St. Paul we engage with and are involved in the wider community. Attentive to the Holy Spirit, we place ourselves, our talents and our resources at the service of the Congregational mission. 
Responding to the needs of the times, we work in collaboration with others and are open to accepting the challenge of change and diversity in ministry. 
Our gifts make possible the various forms of ministry through which we live the Gospel today.