7th Sunday of Easter 

Although many areas have celebrated Ascension, some celebrate it this Sunday. For the former we celebrate the 7th Sunday in Easter. The Gospel is that of John who continues with Jesus’ words before His death. He prays to His Father asking Him to keep the disciples close. Jesus wants them to be as close to the Father as He is. 
Jesus acknowledges that He has kept the disciples together except the one who chose to be lost, Judas, and that was to fulfil the scriptures. Jesus wants to say things to His disciples while He is still with them. He wants to share His joy with them ‘to the full’. He also says that He has passed the word of the Father on to them. He knows that life will not be easy for them. Jesus asks His Father to protect them from the world rather than withdraw them from it. He says that He is sending the disciples into the world just as the Father had sent Him. 
All of what Jesus asks for His disciples is what He ask for us, His present-day disciples Jesus wants us to have life to the full, to be protect d and to have the word of God. However, He also wants us to go out into the world, to spread the word to others. We are not all asked to be missionaries but we are asked to spread the word wherever we are. Have a look round this week and see where you can spread the word of God. You may be surprised! 
Sr. Margaret Mattison