2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) 

In this week’s Gospel we read from John, although we are in Year C, which is primarily the Gospel of Luke. We hear of the wedding at Cana, an event to which Mary had been invited and ‘Jesus and His disciples had also been invited.’ It is noticeable that Mary’s name is mentioned first as her presence was seen as the more important of the two. Jesus would not have wanted it any other way at this point as the time for His ministry had not yet come, as He tells Mary later. 
Mary notices that the wine is running dry and wants to help. Weddings in the time of Jesu lasted for days and somehow there had been a miscalculation or they would not have run out of wine. Knowing that Jesus can be of help, she approaches Him and tells Him of the situation. Jesus tries to tell His Mother that it is no business of His but His Mother is not to be refused! 
Mary turns to the servants and says for them to ‘to do whatever He tells you.’ Immediately Jesus gives them orders to fill the 6 stone water jars with water. After doing this they are told to draw some out. And take it to the steward. On doing this it is discovered that the jars are filled with wine. Added to that, it is not just any wine but the very best – something that the steward comments on. 
John then tells us that this was ‘the first of the signs given by Jesus.’ John’s Gospel has a number of signs and Jesus performed a number of miracles. After each, people came to believe in Him but it wasn’t until after His death and resurrection that His disciples really understood what He had been trying to teach them. 
We will have heard about this story since our childhood and it is still being retold in school assemblies and lessons – in fact I attended one on Friday! What do we learn from it? No doubt there are many lessons for us, just as there were for those who attended that weeding all those years ago. One might be that we can try to be like Mary – notice when things are not going right for people and get help for them, even if we can’t help them ourselves. Perhaps a more important one could be that we are to put our faith in Jesus, even when it seems that there is no possible solution to a problem. When we trust in Him, have faith in Him, as Mary did, then anything is possible – we just have, like the disciples, to believe in Him. 
Sr. Margaret Mattison 
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