St. Paul's Convent Selly Park 

Selly Park is known as the "Mother House" of the Sisters of Charity of St. Paul the Apostle, it is regarded as the "heart" - where most of us first entered this community, learned the joys and challenges of religious life, deepened our prayer lives and helped us to broaden our vision of mission to God`s people.  
Today Selly Park is: 
a haven of prayer and spirituality 
Selly park
a place of welcome and hospitality 
Many sisters, their families and their friends, our Associates and local parishioners are drawn to Selly Park for many occasions. For them it is a place where they feel at home. 
Selly Park has many aspects of Mission. 
The Generalate  
The Congregational Leader and some members of the Leadership Team reside in Selly Park. 
The Selly Park Community 
It is a welcoming community of prayer, hospitality and mission. The ministries include: 
Care of the elderly 
Pastoral work 
Bereavement Counselling 
Work with the marginalised 
Visiting the sick  
Conference Centre
St. Martha's Conference Centre 
St. Martha`s is a centre for spirituality, pastoral ministry and prayer. The Conference Centre is open to groups for retreats and  
The Centre offers a comfortable venue for groups and there is Wifi access. 
The Centre is surrounded by our beautiful gardens and they offer a welcome break for many people attending various meetings. 
Contact Details:  
Sr. Alice Simm - Tel: 0121 415 6100 
Conference Centre