St. Joseph's Parish 
One Sister resident in the Parish as a pastoral assistant. Instructing adults in preparation for a child's Baptism, usually monthly. 
Instructing adults in the "Faith Journey" fortnightly sessions, R.C.I.A. programme. 
Instructing children, unable to attend a Catholic School, in preparation for Eucharist, and Confirmation, small numbers, weekly sessions. 
My great privilege is taking Holy Communion to Catholic patients in Whitnash Rehabilitation Hospital, each Sunday. Numbers vary. 
Also to the sick and housebound in the Parish, approximately, fifteen, on a weekly basis. I am assisted by two Associates who are Eucharistic Ministers. 
During Lent & Advent, leading Lection Divina weekly, in the Parish, to which members of the other Christian Churches are welcomed. Also monthly sessions of Lectio with our Associates, using the house as the venue. 
When the need arises, leading Liturgy of the Word, in the Church, and Novena services. 
Being responsible for laundering the small altar linen, weekly. 
Being a presence in the Parish, and responding to any request of the Parish Priest.