I feel it is a privilege to be in involved in this challenging ministry of Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy with Mid- Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust for the past 10 years 
History Of Chaplaincy 
An area that is growing within the NHS and becoming increasingly professional is healthcare chaplaincy. Whilst its roots are deep within the Christian tradition the first formal acknowledgement of spiritual needs goes back to 1890 when Anglican chaplains were appointed to local lunatic asylums. By 1948 and the establishment of the welfare state, Anglican chaplains began to be appointed in a professional capacity to some of the hospitals within the NHS. 
Since then chaplaincy has grown in all directions; numerically, denominationally, and across the spectrum of world faiths. In our hospital in Chelmsford we cover everyone from Adventists to Zoroastrians! 
Our team in Broomfield Hospital has a Methodist Lead Rev Guy Goodall, Sr Jean Searson S.P. as Deputy, the local Roman Catholic Priest, Fr Niall Harrington, Rev Julia Sheffield a full time Anglican chaplain and lay chaplain Mandy Horsley specialist in Palliative Care and Rufin Emmanuel as a full-time generic chaplain. It currently services five hospital sites and two Trusts, one of which is in mental health care.