Where we are 

“As long as we are founded and rooted on charity, nothing will be able to shake the work. God has given us to do”. (Mother Genevieve Dupuis) 
St. Paul’s Convent Selly Park is the ‘Mother House of our Congregation and an important place for the Sisters. 
Bishop Ullathorne, who invited the Congregation to England when commenting on Selly Park stated that: 
“This house is the heart of your Community and the branch houses are but the pulsations of the heart that beats there”. 

Selly Park today 

Selly Park is indeed the heart of our community. This year we have celebrated 150 years since our Congregation arrived in Selly Park and 100 years since we built our Chapel. This is a wonderful time of renewal for us as we meditate on our rich inheritance both spiritual and temporal. 
Today we have many branch houses in England, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa and Romania. Here the Sisters seek to respond in a spiritual and practical way to the needs of the communities where they live whether it is teaching, management of schools, counselling, chaplaincy work and supporting people in various ways, being involved in parish work. 
Various branch houses were established wherever they were needed and if they were no longer needed they were closed and this has continued to be our inspiration down through the years. 

Religious life 

Religious Life is a rewarding vocation. We are very grateful for the privilege of sharing our life story with so many people and also appreciate their working with us to share God’s love and make our world a more caring and just society. 
We also pray that families will be open to God’s calling in today’s world and be generous and willing to allow a member of their families to become a member of the Congregation and continue God’s work to spread the Good News of the Gospel, to live in community and be available to respond to the current needs of our world. 

Our convents: 

Today we have convents in: 
South Africa