2nd Sunday of Easter A 

I suppose it is for us over 2000 years after the death and resurrection of Jesus, it is hard to comprehend what it must have been like for His apostles, having followed Him for 3 years – eating, drinking, praying, laughing, telling stories, reliving events, witnessing miracles etc. we know that they didn’t always understand all that was going on or what He was talking about: they could SEE and HEAR it all for themselves but still there was something that they just weren’t getting. 
In this week’s Gospel we come across the apostles locked in a room – out of fear. They know that earlier that day Mary Magdalen claimed to have met the risen Jesus. Now they have met Him for themselves. He has come among them – just as He did when He was born – Emmanuel. John’s account of that 1st meeting is very short but significant. 
• He wishes them peace 
• He proves it is Him by showing his wounds 
• He sees that are filled with joy 
• He sends them out 
• He breathes on them so they receive the Holy Spirit 
• He gives them the power to forgive sins 
In all of this reading I must admit it’s the next bit I always remember – not the bits highlighted above. I wonder why this is? Perhaps because it is easier to identify with Thomas – the doubter as we call him, and a phrase that is used often – but really he is Thomas the one filled with faith. 
Thomas must have been a strong character – he was the one who had gone out while the others were locked away – maybe for food or to find out some news. It is not surprising that he is wary of believing the others – we, too, like to see things for ourselves and are reluctant to believe either good or bad news, unless we can verify it. 
Thomas wants proof and 8 days later he gets it when Jesus Himself appears and again wishes them peace before speaking to Thomas. Having seen, Thomas believed and this is where the faith part comes in. ‘My Lord and my God’ – words familiar to all of us and spoken by Thomas. Jesus told Him that those who believe without seeing are blessed. That is all of us – we have not seen Jesus in the flesh but we meet Him every day in one another. This week let us recognise Jesus in those we meet. 
Sr. Margaret Mattison