Our Charism is expressed in our deep  
personal love of Christ and our lives are 
dedicated to the service of others. 
The Charism of the Congregation can be summed up in these Five key words. 
The charism of the Congregation is simply Charity. The Sisters strive to keep Christ at the centre of their lives so that they can love and care for those whom they serve. They live in simplicity, to be self-giving and joyful, and to make themselves all things to all people like their patron saint and model, Saint Paul. 
Miriam in Class
Genevieve Dupuis
"I have one desire, which I pray our good God, with all my heart, to grant; it is that he may consolidate our work, by promoting the growth of charity amongst you. More charity, more Union, more Peace! The stability of our Community depends entirely on this". 
"As long as we are founded and rooted in Charity nothing will be able to shake our Community or to stay the work God has given us to do. Nothing comforts me so much, nor gives me such strength, as to see you all united in the Charity of the Lord". 
Quotes from our Foundress Genevieve Dupuis 
The charism of the Congregation is a gift of the Spirit to the Church and it radiates throughout many parts of the world.  
The Sisters seek to live this charism in various ways according to their circumstances. 
We pray that this gift of the Spirit will continue through the generosity of the Sisters now and those in the future. 
Our Lady
Prayer display
Romanian Church
Chaplaincy work
Simmone at work
Sue working with Child
The Sisters strive to remain faithful to their heritage and the values fostered by our Foundress, Genevieve Dupuis and the Sisters of the early community.