Our Spirituality 

The very centre of our religious life is a search for an intimate relationship with God through prayer and ministry. This is the raison d’être of our love and care for those we serve. 
The charism of the Congregation is charity and in the light of this we endeavour to live in simplicity, to be self-giving and joyful, and to make ourselves all things to all people like our patron saint and model, Saint Paul. 
"I have one desire, which I pray our good God, with all my heart, to grant; it is that he may consolidate our work, by promoting the growth of charity among you. More charity, more union, more peace! The stability of our Community depends entirely on this". 
Geneviève Dupuis (Foundress) 
Mission statement background
Mission Statement 
Rooted in Christ, we the Sisters of St. Paul inspired by Genevieve Dupuis seek to live the Gospel in friendship and solidarity with others, using our resources to promote justice and wholeness. 
Prayer corner
Private and communal prayer strengthens the spiritual bond among us. Integrating contemplation with love and service nurtures our daily living. We devote time to daily personal prayer and spiritual reading especially of Scripture. 
We join in the universal act of praise when praying the Prayer of the Church and we endeavour to bring the spirit of the Eucharistic celebration to all the activity of the day. 
The ceremonial renewal of vows takes place each year on the feast of the Presentation (February 2nd). 
"As long as we are founded and rooted in charity nothing will be able to shake our Community or to stay the work God has given us to do. Nothing comforts me so much, nor gives me such strength, as to see you all united in the charity of the Lord". 
Geneviève Dupuis