A vocation  
challenges us to live our faith more  
A vocation is God's unique invitation to each one of us to become the person we are meant to be 
A vocation is  
God's call to bring to our daily lives the uniqueness of our relationship  
with Him. 
A vocation 
is the answer to the question 'What should I do with  
my life?' 
What is a vocation? 
A vocation is our response to God's call 
A vocation is a life-long journey 
A vocation is a call to holiness - it is a call to know, love and serve the God 
A vocation is a particular way for us to live our life to the fullest 

A vocation is a gift from God 

“The church must be attractive. Wake up the world! Be witnesses of a different way of doing things, acting, living! (Show) it’s possible to live differently in this world.” 
Pope Francis 

Could God be calling you to a religious life? 

If you have a sense that God may be calling you, know that you can be supported by prayer and gentle guidance, during this very significant time in your life. 
It may be helpful to talk to someone, who has an understanding of what it feels like to be called, to follow God in a Religious Life. 
Sisters in the community are available to listen to you and to help you discern where God may be calling you. 
Which path will you choose? 

You may wish to know about: 

Prayer, Community, The Mission of Religious Sisters, What it means to take Vows,  
What steps you need to take to find out more: 
You may also like an opportunity to make contact with the Sisters in their Community: 
To ask the Sisters to pray with you, or for your discernment process 
To take time out to visit for an hour or a day 
To attend a “Come and See” Day or Weekend 
To keep in touch by phone or email 
Please be assured that all contact with us will be treated respectfully. 
For more information please contact Sr. Margaret Mattison at mags123@tiscali.co.uk or telephone 07811 753163