“We, the Associates of the Sisters of St Paul, 
inspired by the Gospel, 
choose to live the life of Christ 
and to share it with others in our world.” 
Finally, after all the rain in the preceding week causing floods in the Selly Park area, Saturday 18th June was at least dry! Associates are usually lucky with the weather for their days at Selly Park and sure enough by the end of the day the sun was shining. 
Our theme for the day is always determined by the Gospel and this weekend the question in the Gospel was “Who do people say I am?” so naturally we took our theme as “Identity”. 
As you can imagine there were a lot of questions around this subject including: 
How do we see ourselves as individuals? 
How do other people see us? 
How would we like other people to see us? 
Is our identity hard to bear? 
Is our identity constant or ever-changing? 
After much discussion we progressed to applying these same questions to our role as Associates. We first reminded ourselves of the history of Associates, as it is usually from our past that our roles are defined. Having some new ladies with us it was good to remind everyone of why Associates were formed and how the Congregation saw our role in the beginning. The vision was that we should share in the life, spirit and charism of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity of St Paul the Apostle. Associates love to talk and as you can imagine there was much discussion around this subject and also how we see ourselves in the future. 
The afternoon, as always, was spent with Lectio Divinia and some much needed quiet time to contemplate what the Lord was saying to us as individuals. After sharing together and a short liturgy service we ended the day with “An Irish Blessing” by Roma Downey which ended with the phrase: 
“May you come to realise that, insignificant as you may seem in this great universe, you are an important part of God’s plan. May He watch over you and keep you safe from harm.” 
A perfect end to a perfect day. 
'You are an important part 
of God's plan'