“We, the Associates of the Sisters of St Paul, 
inspired by the Gospel, 
choose to live the life of Christ 
and to share it with others in our world.” 
It is always a fruitful day when Associates get together and last saturday was no exception. The day was led for the first time by a group of Associates from Holy Family parish in Coventry and despite feelings of nervousness and uncertainty the Holy Spirit did its job and the whole day flowed seamlessly with insightful sharings and many surprising connections. 
As always the day was centred around the Sunday Gospel which for this particular weekend was the Transfiguration - a wonderful Gospel for meditating on. The theme therefore was all about change, how it can affect our lives, how we have dealt with unwanted change, recognising when we need change and what things in our lives can bring about change. Each person was given a random word and we were asked to relate this word to change in our lives. My word was "Significance" and this led me to think about how sometimes we don't realise the significance of something changing in our lives until many years later, so we just often have to trust the process. Other words included "Challenge", "Risk", "Ageing", "Illness" and "Opportunity", to name but a few. The sharing led to some very thought provoking discussions. 
The afternoon was spent with Lectio Divinia, with each person recognising how the Gospel was speaking to them in their lives, each in a very different way and a sharing of these insights with each other. We finished with a very prayerful closing liturgy centred on the Transfiguration and ending with a rousing rendition of "Come let us go up to the mountain of the Lord" which initiated some very spontaneous dancing and clapping. 
We all left for home feeling very energised and ready to face another week. 
A call to prayer: 
Let us go up to the mountain. 
Let us go up to the place where the land meets the sky 
where the earth touches the heavens, to the place of meeting, 
to the place of mists,  
to the place of voices and conversations, to the place of listening. 
'You are an important part 
of God's plan'