set of candles
Our day continued in the Chapel where we split into two groups to look at women of the Old Testament. Esther and Judith both proved popular, particularly as they were the embodiment of faith and trust in God and in putting that trust into their actions. They were fully aware that God was their support and shield. 
Recalling once more women of the Old Testament, we had the chance for a little dance ourselves, remembering Esther’s dance of joy and praise. Simple little steps to music, but a warm feeling of sharing a special moment with others and good fun too. 
Selly Park Gardens
The glow of the sunshine outside made the little Chapel warm and that warmth was matched only by the sisterly feeling within the Chapel itself. Here were women of different ideas and thoughts brought together by a very special bond, those who had gone before us, ourselves and those yet to be. “I am standing on the shoulders of the ones who came before me. I am stronger for their courage, I am wiser for their words.” 
Our closing prayer brought all the strands of the day together. The roads we travel are many and varied but in the end our Journey of Faith will result in Joy! 
Our Mission Statement 
Our Mission Statement sums up our lives as Associates 
We, the Associates of the Sisters of St. Paul 
inspired by the Gospel, 
choose to live the life of Christ 
and to share it with others in the world. 
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